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Next-gen GERPHOS flame retardants for compounding

Compounding in the realm of coatings is akin to a symphony of ingredients, each meticulously chosen and blended to achieve a specific outcome. It’s the art and science of combining raw materials to produce coatings that meet a plethora of demands, from corrosion resistance to UV protection, and from improved adhesion to enhanced flexibility. Whether it’s for the hull of a ship, the exterior of a building, or the surface of an automobile, coatings serve dual purposes: to beautify and to protect. As modern environments present more complex challenges, such as pollution and variable climates, the protective aspect of coatings becomes even more pivotal. Among the myriad of challenges, one persistent concern for many industries and applications is fire safety. A coating, no matter how beautiful or protective against external elements, must also ensure safety against the unpredictable and often devastating threat of fire.

Next-generation GERPHOS flame retardants greatly elevate the fire resistance of coating applications. When GERPHOS is incorporated into coating formulations, it significantly reduces the coating’s propensity to ignite and propagate flames. This advancement is vital for surfaces and environments prone to fire exposure, ensuring that coated materials not only maintain their aesthetic and protective functions but also adhere to stringent fire safety standards.

GERPHOS Next Generation Flame Retardants
Compounding Flame Retardants
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